Freedomky models

All models are designed with comfortable, long-term living in mind. Inside you’ll find a living room, kitchenette, bedroom and bathroom with toilet, and plenty of space for storage. A Freedomky may also include a patio. Limited space requires a strictly functional layout and units are furnished with efficiency in mind. The sleek, abstract form lends itself to urban, rural and even wild settings. With the Independence Module, your Freedomky can even be fully energy self-sufficient.

Use the Customizer to calculate the price of your Freedomky according to your particular needs. A Freedomky may also be ordered without interior amenities (known as the Freedomky Studio). More information here.

The Freedomky is manufactured in our shop, after which a trailer transports it to the intended site and places it on simple foundational footings bolted to the ground. Installation takes less than 5 hours. Freedomky are manufactured using only ecologically benign materials. Choose among the models on offer, or have your own Freedomky made to order!


The Freedomky S is designed for 1-2 people. It is ideal for students, young couples and seniors. It is 7 meters long and 4 meters wide with a 7 m2 patio and 23 m2 of living space. Standard features of the Freedomky S include high-quality wooden window frames and doors with Europrofil microventilation, LED lighting, heating and other basic components. You’ll find more information about amenities and a complete price listing here. Call us to arrange a tour of the Freedomky S in Pernolec district (CZ).

FREEDOMKY M (medium)

The Freedomky M is designed for 2-4 people – families with children and couples desiring more space. It is 10.6 meters long and 4 meters wide with a 7 m2 patio and 38 m2 of living space. Standard features of the Freedomky M are the same as those of the Freedomky S. The Freedomky M is available with two layout options. You’ll find more information about amenities and a complete price listing here. The Freedomky M is open for tours in Brno and in Zlín (CZ) – contact us and arrange a visit!


Do you long for a stylish office, atelier or fitness studio? Have a Freedomky made to order, one that will satisfy all of your function and design requirements. The architects at Atelier Štěpán will help you select a frame, insulation and paneling, design a layout for your Freedomky and, finally, outfit your home with quality furnishing and additional interior specifications. Make your dream a reality!

Energy efficiency

The Freedomky is a LOW-ENERGY DWELLING. The envelope of the Freedomky M has an average heat transfer coefficient of U = 0.28 W/m2K, and an envelope energy rating of C.


Our current Energy Package provides an efficiency upgrade for walls, floor and ceiling, lowering your heat transfer coefficient U to 0.15 W/m2K (!!), as well as an air-to-air heat pump for heating and cooling and a heat recovery system (ventilation with heat recovery of exhaust air) for a total price of 141,480 Kč (VAT incl.), a discount of 25%. More information here.

The Energy Package brings average monthly utility costs down to 1,100 (includes electricity, water and sewage) on a Freedomky 2Plus inhabited year-round by two residents. Compare that to what you’re paying now!

Independence Module

In the event that your Freedomky is located on a site without access to utility networks (or if you’re not interested in connecting to the networks), your Freedomky may be outfitted with individual components of the Independence Module – a photovoltaic generator, a solar water heater or a waste-treatment unit. Individual components may be added to any Freedomky model.


A family with children requires extra space. By combining two of the larger models you can create a house with five separate rooms. A house forming an L or T creates natural patio space.

Variants and Ancillary Modules