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Everything is conceived and designed so perfectly in Freedomky that you can not only live comfortably but also economically. We didn’t skimp on ideals, materials or production, saving you both energy usage and costs.


Mobility is yet another allurement which an ordinary house lacks. Your ready-made Freedomky arrives to your designated location. And if you decide in a few years to replace the buzz of the city for a peaceful place in the mountains, your beloved Freedomky will come with you.

Smartly used

Traditional houses and flats are often full of unused space. Freedomky are absolute favourites for their practical use of every corner. You’ll be astonished how spacious it is in reality and how much storage space you’ll find in it.


You don’t have to worry at all! We didn’t skimp on materials or production quality. Freedomky is not a caravan, which you dump in a scrapyard one day. On the contrary, Freedomky is a reliable member of your family and durable for at least 70 years, the same as any masonry construction.


Freedomky lives and grows with you. When an orthodox single person becomes a family type, or if you decide to have a home office, you can just expand your Freedomky. You simply choose another module which will become a natural part of your original Freedomky.

Ready in 3 months

This is possibly the greatest allurement of Freedomky. Imagine: you choose the type of Freedomky that suits you best. You select the fittings and furnishings and, without any worry about workmen, without a single day of cleaning up after masons, decorators or plumbers, we’ll make your new, high quality Freedomky in 3 months.

Do you need a venue for your business?

Freedomek is strikingly versatile. If you happen to be dwelling in one of them, you surely already fell in love with it’s effectivity and perfect build. You might be just step away from buying another piece to house your business.

Let’s get an elegant office that can be a part of your living or a solitary object. Turn your Freedomek into a cosy cafe or a stylish store. Whatever you may dream of.